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The 2019 Burbank International Film Festival glamour!

I just loved this event in September, where my film "The Stooge" was an Official Selection!

"The Stooge", written by Christopher Priest, produced by Miguel A. Delgadillo & Pepe Casillas, directed by Rogelio Fojo. Starring Robert Picardo, Pat Scott, Carisa Hendrix, Adam Sonnet & Pop Haydn, playing at the AMC 16 Theater.

The Jeff Rector's festival allowed all of us Stoogers an opportunity to celebrate a cast & crew reunion and watch our 'labor of love' shine up there on the big screen of the AMC theater.

During the BIFF wonderful galas, our producers and I met some of our screen idols and even shook hands for future collaborations with them! An unforgettable experience!

Joe Mantegna, Rogelio Fojo, Marion Ross, Lourdes Asiain, Miguel A. Delgadillo

The list included Marion Ross ("Happy Days") and her son Jim Meskimen ("Apollo 13", "The Good Place"), Frank Stallone ("Stayin' Alive", "Tombstone") and Isaac C. Singleton Jr. ("Deadpool", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Transformers"), Joe Mantegna ("The Godfather III")

Miguel A. Delgadillo, Lourdes Asiain, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Elias P. Ontiveros

Frank Stallone, Rogelio Fojo

Chuck Zito, Frank Stallone, Nataliya Katsalap, Miguel A. Delgadillo, Rogelio Fojo

Elias P. Ontiveros, Miguel A. Delgadillo, Joe Mantegna, Nataliya Katsalap, Rogelio Fojo

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