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Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Wow! Thanks a bunch to CAROL GOODWIN, STEVE LAWSON & HELEN MACALLUM for their kind invitation to participate in NOVACON 52 (I have wonderful memories of the 50!)

So... blimey! YES! I will gladly return to beautiful Buxton, England this November!

But this time... the experience will be even better! I'm bringing my daughter (and tough-love manager) SOFÍA with me. Therefore, we will be able to share new memories of this gorgeous science fiction convention, back at home in the United States.

To make it all perfect, RICHARD DOYLE, co-creator of my TV miniseries ONE MILLION TIMES, has also confirmed joining our trip to attend NOVACON 52! Hooray!

WE WILL SHARE A SCI-FI PANEL! More information coming up soon!

NOVACON 52 The UK’s longest-established science fiction convention 10-12 November 2023, The Palace Hotel, Buxton

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After lots of Covid tests, complicated legal forms and travel arrangements, it's a fait accompli: I began the long trip to the Palace Hotel in Buxton, England to meet my dear friend Christopher Priest, watch together the UK premiere of our film "The Stooge" and enjoy the warm company of British science fiction fans!

See you all STOOGERS and NOVACONIANS soon!

Now... I want you look closely at this...

Pick up a card:

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