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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Richard Doyle & I had just completed the first draft of our time-travel feature film "One Million Times" screenplay. And yesterday - Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019 -, we had the honor of welcoming an enthusiastic team of scientist-actors from JPL and Academia to read and perform the written roles.

Suddenly, the story on paper came alive!

Their performance, questions and commentaries informed our choices and decisions, as Richard and I now move on to create our 2nd draft.

Even if it takes one million times to get it right, we all want to make a memorable film.

STANDING: Rob Stirbl, Pat Scott, Joshua Zeller, Richard Doyle, Rogelio Fojo, Holly Bender, David Seal, Alana Lidawer, Keith Jefferies, Brennan Doyle & Tony Feole.

SITTING: Saberi Knakon, Barbie Insua, Joanne Doyle & Zach Tobin.

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