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Episodes... of TV? Insane!

With a perhaps prescient title, Gollancz will publish in July 11th, "Episodes," the new book by my good old buddy Chris (aka British science fiction writer superstar Christopher Priest), which includes the short-story about stage magicians, "The Stooge."

After I directed in 2018 the film version of it, I am showing it now around Hollywood as a proof-of-concept EPISODE for my own TV series about magic and time travel... "One Million Times".

And I don't lose sight of my dream of collaborating again with Chris in a feature-length movie based on his masterpiece book "Inverted World."

As Christopher Priest himself eloquently puts it in this interview with Ryan Hill, it is... insane:

You’ve also written an original screenplay for a film called The Stooge. Can you tell us a little about that? How was it writing for film instead of the printed page?

The Stooge was originally written as a short story, a sort of footnote to The Prestige. After it was finished and published, I suddenly thought what a perfect little plot it had for a short film. So I wrote it, and put it away somewhere. Much later, I was in contact with a filmmaker friend of mine called Rogelio Fojo, who for years has harboured an insane and suicidal wish to make a feature out of my novel Inverted World. We were talking about that, talking about The Prestige, and I suddenly thought of The Stooge. When I showed it to him he grabbed it."

Indeed I did. As most Uruguayans, I was born with the most exquisite sci-fi taste in the galaxy!

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