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Onward to Oaxaca, México!

It was a rare opportunity to learn and appreciate the flavor of this upcoming international event: the 2019 Oaxaca FilmFest (where both my film "The Stooge" and my TV series "One Million Times" will be participating next month) introduced itself to the world today via online streaming.

The Oaxaca International Film Festival broadcast gave our diverse team from the USA, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, México and the United Kingdom (plus friends and families) a chance to share in the fun!

Thought their press conference we learned that our film will not only be screened to an enthusiastic local audience of film lovers, but we filmmakers will have also an incredible opportunity to pitch our next projects to film and TV companies eager to help.

The Oaxaca FilmFest will run from October 4 to 10. I can't wait!

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