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It's a treat. I promise.

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Hola, this is my first blog ever. Lots of changes on the horizon to talk about!

I feel I started the new year on the right foot, with the first public showing of my film "The Stooge" coming up in a few days, as an official selection of the 2019 North Hollywood CineFest Film Festival.

Written by my good and eternally supportive friend Christopher Priest, this 23 minutes short has become also a proof-of-concept for an anthology sci-fi mystery series called "One Million Times" AND the basis for a feature film of the same title. FOX Latin America picked up the series in 2016 from among thousands of other TV proposals, and... it may well be under consideration for production even right now.

Besides directing films, I'm also busy writing the "One Million Times" screenplay (for both, the feature and the series) in collaboration with a brilliant engineering scientist from JPL, Richard Doyle (a technical advisor in the TV series "Babylon 5").

What is "One Million Times" about? Presto! Time travel and stage magic!

(And wait! You will love what happens next...)

I'm writing and directing next the horror film "Caleguinas", based on a disturbing short story written by the Argentinian author Fernando Sorrentino. It's a simple tale about, rather unique birds.

All these dreams have been made real by the two visionary Hollywood producers Miguel A. Delgadillo & Pepe Casillas, who, like all my best friends and mentors, magically walked into my life in pairs!

At the same time, slowly but surely, I continue developing two other projects about realistic space travel: the TV series "Mission Anomaly" and the feature film "Redirected", this time in collaboration with another NASA friend genius: planetary scientist Adriana Ocampo. We shot a proof-of-concept episode already, produced by my friend and former LA Latino Film Festival director Marlene Dermer.

As you can see, it's all about friends and mentors. I couldn't have attempted any of this stuff without the relentless support of the acclaimed novelist Christopher Priest ("The Prestige") and that Titan of (Hollywood) Industry: Tom Joyner (1st. AD to Steven Spielberg in my beloved movie "Jaws"!).

What did they see in me, from the very beginning? That's the real mystery. I just hope it pays off.

Finally, a couple of personal small projects, a long time in the making: first, a mostly experimental, epistolary book called "The Buried Lab", based on the back-and-forth correspondence through the years between me and my lifelong friend from Uruguay, Jorge "Jonio" Quaroni. It's almost done!

And last but not least, I'm writing my own adventure novel "The White Passport": mainly a hot love story set on the Antarctica cold. I've been to the Arctic before and cannot shake the poles out of my mind!

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